"Unless the Lord builds the House, they labor in vain who build it" (Psalm 127:1)

The believer’s home is a Christ-centered home; a place where the written Word of God is taught, honored, read and known.


By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; by knowledge its rooms are filled with all kinds of precious and pleasing treasures (Proverbs 24:3-4)

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Welcome to Christian brethren online

Proclaiming the Gospel, Preaching Christ, Teaching the Word of God

Information, articles, Links to sites associated with believers who in simplicity,  gather together in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ


Who are the brethren?

In 1986, Echoes of Service published an eleven volume series entitled, “That the World May Know”.  The Volumes are a record of the work and legacy of assembly  missionaries around the world. At the beginning of each volume appeared an article entitled,

Who are the brethren?

These articles were written by prominent men associated with the brethren movement. Used with permission.

In addition to these articles, there is another article produced by John  Barber.  It is a very thorough and up-to-date introductory essay.


brethren History

Christian Brethren Archive
Christian Brethren Archive
History of some assemblies in North America (Robert L Peterson)
Brethren Groups
John N Darby and the brethren Assemblies
Christan Brethren Research Fellowship Journal TOC online
Christian brethren research fellowship (1963-1980)
Christian brethren review (1982-1989)
Historical brethren documents
Brethren History Site


Some brethren and assemblies found around the world

Voices for Christ


The Gospel

God's Plan of Salvation

Gospel Messages (Minor Hawk)
Toronto Hockey Player’s Conversion
Good News Granary
Lost Sheep Finders
Salvation Test
Heaven Assured (Jack Mills)
Peace and Purpose


brethren Missions

CMML on Facebook
MSC (Canada)
Gospel Trust (Canada)
Lord’s Work Trust (UK)
Echoes of Service (England)
Interlink (Scotland)
Australian Missionary Tidings (Australia)
Global Connections in Missions (New Zealand)
Retired Missionary Aid Fund (UK)
Faith Academy (Philippines)
Gospel Missions of India
Missionary Voice
Horizons Magazine
Good News Outreach (North America)
International Brethren Conferences on Missions
Calendar Project


brethren Education

Emmaus Bible College (USA)
Emmaus e-Learning
Emmaus Bible College (Australia)
Kawartha Lakes Bible College (Canada)
Sakeji School (Zambia)

Emmaus Correspondence School

Emmaus Correspondence School

Emmaus is a Bible Correspondence School, nondenominational in outreach and  founded for the purpose of encouraging the systematic study of the Word  of God. It operates in 90 countries on every continent using courses in  116 languages. Started in 1942, it has since become the largest Bible  Correspondence School in the world

Join the over 20 million students who have used an Emmaus Course to help them study the Bible



Gospel Hall Resources

Gospel Hall
Believers Pages
Gospel Hall Information Page
Seed Sowers Online
Assembly Line
Water of Life
Webtruth (Michael Penfold)
God is Light
The Scripture Forum


Biblical Resources and Ministries

Plymouth Brethren Database

Key Bible Concepts

Key Bible Concepts (Dr. David Gooding and Dr. John Lennox)

Stem Publishing (6000 articles)
William MacDonald Archive
T.Ernest Wilson Archive
John F. Walvoord Archive
Works of FF Bruce
Newberry Bible Online
Christian Library
Noble Bereans (Bob Brown)
What I have Found (M Frees)
Eternal Security (Henry Ironside)
The Bible Chapel (A.P. Gibbs)
Gathered Treasure (literature on Scriptural Subjects)
The Form of Sound Words
Brethren Periodicals (19th century)
In the Beloved
Church Truths (Adrian Ferguson)
Biblical Nourishment (Everyday Publication booklets pdf)


Biblecentre (various languages)
The Church of God - Its Truth and Principles (Franklin Ferguson)
The brethren writers hall of fame
Wholesome Words
Jude verse 3 "The Faith Once Delivered" (Steve Noble)
Christian Literature (various languages) (Miles J. Stanford)
Larry Price Ministry
Greenwood Hills Ministry
Biblical Eldership
Elders’ Shopnotes
Growing Christians Ministries (Dr. David Reid)
Bible Study Center (Floyd Pierce)
The Bible Answers (Harold Smith)
Email Bible Lessons (Harold Smith)
Scriptural Truths (Rowan Jennings)
Berean Bible Ministries
Word Alive Ministries
Grace &
Spread the Word (Steve Hulshizer)
Bible Believers Online
Emmaus Ministry Resources
Ezekiel Project
Plymouth Brethren
Brethren Online
Christian news and views
Brethren Voice
In The Beloved
New Testament Church (Jack Spender)
Bible and Life (David Dunlap)
Old Paths
Old Paths
Stewards Foundation
Stewards Foundation
Stewards Ministries
Believers Stewardship
Counseling Programs
Cleanwaters Counseling Ministries
Christian Boarding School (GA)
Homeless Shelters run by brethren
Yonkers Gospel Mission

Retirement Communities

Bethany Christian Living (Ontario, Canada)
Rest Haven Homes (Michigan)
Park of the Palms, Keystone Heights
Shepherd Christian Community (Frostproof, FL)
Western Assemblies Home, Claremont, CA


Brethren Publishers and Book Shops

Ritchie Christian Media
John Ritchie
Everyday Publications
Bible Truth Publishers
Present Truth Publishers
Chapter Two (UK)
New England Bible Sales
Gospel Folio Press
Gospel Folio Press Kindle books
Opal Trust (UK)
Gospel Tract Publications (Scotland)
Believers Bookshelf (Sunbury, PA, USA)
Believers Bookshelf (Canada)
Christian Missions Press (Stan Engle)
ECS Ministries


brethren magazines

Precious Seed

Precious Seed Magazine
Uplook Magazine
Journey Magazine (Emmaus Bible College)
Assembly Messenger
Assembly Testimony
Grace & Truth
Moments With The Book
Truth & Tidings
The Christian Shepherd
Peace and Purpose (Conneticut)
Via Magazine
Counsel Magazine
Counsel Magazine online
Words in Season
Magazines of brethren
Christian Magazine Indexes
Believers Magazine


Brethren Audio Ministry

Voices for Christ
Voices for Christ
(Christ-Centered ministry. A library of 50,000 MP3 files)
Joe Skelly’s Tape Library
Greenwood Hills Audio Ministry
The Thomas V. Taylor Library (Notes and MP3 files)
Gospel Hall Audio
Blessed Assurance Promise Box
Three Minute Audio Gospel Stories (Harold Smith)
Audio Gospel Messages (Harold Smith)
Workers and Elders NE Conference 09
Florida Mens Bible Study (Bernard Osborne at Camp Horizon, FL, 2009)


Family Bible Hour International (Radio Ministry)
The Good News Network (Radio Ministry)
Old Fashioned Christian Radio

Brethren Video Ministry

Eternity Truths - YouTube (JB Nicholson)
What About Heaven? (JB Nicholson)
The Dawkins-Lennox Debate (On The God Delusion)
Lennox Video Page


Alan Parks Music
Hymns of Worship and Remembrance
Moments of Melody (Kenneth Engle)
Believers Hymn book
Hymnology of Christians known as brethren
Gospel River
Saints Serving
Redemption Hymns (New hymnbook out of New Zealand)


brethren Campgrounds and Conferences

Greenwood Hills (Pennsylvania)
Camp Iroquoina (Pennsylvania)
Mountain View Bible Camp (Pennsylvania)
Pine Bush (New York)
Camp Li-Lo-Li (New York)
Camp Li-Lo-Li Blog (New York)
Horton Haven Christian Camp (Tennessee)
Mountain Top Youth Camp (NC)
Camp Hope (Georgia)
Camp Horizon (Florida)
Camp Berea (New Hampshire)
Shiloh Bible Camp
Whitewater Bible Camp (Ohio)
Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp (MO)
Koronis Bible Camp (MN)
Koinonia Conference Grounds (Calafornia)
Galilee Bible Camp (Ontario, Canada)

brethren conferences

Workers and Elders Conferences
Southeastern Workers Conference
Rise up Conferences
Skyland Bible Conference
Central Florida Bible Conference
Uplook Current Events


brethren Apologetic Sites

Christian Evidences
Christian Evidences Ministries
Life and Land (Archaeology by Gordan Franz) (Science and Ethics)
Science Shots (Dr Humphreys)


brethren Blogs and Social Networking

Articles and Links
The Bible Archive (Rey Reynoso)
Good Words and Works (Keith Keyser)
Digital Sojourner (Scott Thomson)
Good News Pennsylvania (Scott Thomson)
Associates for Biblical Research (Gordon Franz)
Sheepfood (RP Amos)
Thinking 7 (Randy Amos)
Bible Equip (Chuck Gianotti)
Dr. Larry Dixon
Philip Nunn
Great News4 all (Paul McCauley)
In Pursuit of God (Ryan Farrington)
Brethren Assembly News
Deep South Brethren News (News of assemblies in the Deep South of the USA)
Scripture Outlines, Lists and Notes
Plymouth brethren discussion Forum
The Scripture Forum
Bible Believers Index
Emmaus Bible College - The brethren
The Meeting Archives
Brethren on Facebook
Brethren Past and Present
NT Assemblies around the world
So called Plymouth Brethren
Christians Gathered unto the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Gospel Hall Grapevine


Articles on Important Subjects

New Evangelicalism (Mark A Swaim)
Pentecostal, Charismatic, Third Wave Movements  (Mark A Swaim)
Deception in the Church (Mark A Swaim)

A Doctrinal Discussion Of Tongues, The Foundation To All Charismatic Activity (Harold Mackay) (pdf)

The Gospel According to Gumbel (Alpha Course) by Michael J. Penfold
Satan’s Attack on the Gospel (Michael Penfold)

Purpose Driven...

The Purpose Driven Church (A Critique) by Michael J. Penfold
The Purpose Driven Church and Life (Berean Call)
My Answer to “The Purpose Driven Church by Kenneth Hampton


The Role of Men and Women

Headcoverings by She Maketh Herself Coverings
Head Coverings (Richard Bacon)
Women’s Head Covering and the Glory of God (Dr. Peter H.L. Wee)
Biblical Headcovering Scarf of Hidden Power (Renee Ellison)
A Woman's Worth (Elaine Stedman)
The Role of Women in Worship in the Old Testament (Dr. Bruce Waltke)


Sunday School Material

Gary Sharp Sunday School Lesson Book
Light for Young Paths
San Filipe Collection
Mervyn Paul SS Lessons (English)
Bible for Children
Moody Film Strips
Postal Bible Schools


Bible Software

Logos Bible Software
Galaxie Software  (Some Brethren Material)
Shiloh Christian Library (Brethren books)
The Shiloh Christian Library (Brethren books)
Net Bible Online (Logos online)


Exclusive Brethren

This section is for research purposes. Although some articles may be  beneficial, in general, does not subscribe to  exclusive principles
Apologetics Index
My Brethren